Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me

Are you tired of having the worst looking at the one on the street? So you think your lawn has more weeds then grass. If you’re asking yourself these questions maybe it’s time to ask this question. How do I find a lawn fertilizer service near me. 

A quick look in the local phone book, or a search on the Internet,or maybe even looking for local lawn care ads in the newspapers. One would be shocked at how many companies are offering some type of a fertilizing program. Well it might not be hard to find lawn fertilizer service, finding a good one could be challenging.

When looking for a lawn fertilizer service near me

there are many national companies that provide good or even great service at a price. However some of these companies have after the sale upsell  services that can drive you crazy. I always tell people that if you’re lonely please sign up for their service. They will literally call you three times a week to try to get you to buy another product to put on your grass. 

They like to use the scare technique saying if you don’t put down this fertilizer or herbicide you’re going to lose your whole lawn. Well this may be true more times and that it false.

A good place to start is contact your department of agricultural extension office in your area and see if they can refer you to any companies. 

Fertilizer For Grass

Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me
Lawn Fertilizing Service Near Me

The department of agriculture is also a good resource if you’re trying to do it yourself. You can take samples of grass or weeds. Even pictures of the affected areas, More times than not they will be able to point you in the direction of what product to use to correct the problem. And in some cases tell you what’s actually causing the problem. Again if you aren’t the type of person that likes to do things themselves they can tell you what kind of fertilizer for grass that you need.

Different climates support different types of grass species. They all have different requirements when I comes to fertilizer. This is where your local extension office, can be your greatest resource. 

Great option to use if you are going to contract out lawn services. Try to find a company that specializes in mowing and lawn fertilizing service. Quick search on the Internet for lawn fertilizer service near me might produce great results. Stay away from the Just Mow the Lawn type places.

Always do your homework when hiring a lawn service especially if they’re going to apply fertilizer for grass. 

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