Liquid Fertilizer

Let's talk fertilizer. Basically the end-user has two types of fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer or granular. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks. It's best to review the differences before choosing the right product for you..

Liquid fertilizer
Basically liquid fertilizer is a concentrate of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.
There are many benefits to liquid fertilizer.

Liquid Fertilizer
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The product is generally mixed well so it's easy to have an even application.. The nutrients tend to be equal in every ounce of product. This overall provide a much more consistent application of fertilizer.

Generally the fertilizer is more available quickly to the plant. That you will see the results much faster. Liquid fertilizer can be absorbed by the plant either through the roots, or actually through the leaf tissue.

Foliage Applications are absorbed very quickly into the plant. You can usually see results within days. This is excellent if you're trying to rectify a deficiency quickly in the plant.

Another benefit I like of liquid fertilizer is your ability to blend it with other herbicides easily. It's very easy to make a custom one for what your turf grass needs.

The cleanup tends to be easier also with liquid fertilizer as opposed to granular. There also tends to be less drift affecting off target plants when using liquid fertilizer.

There are a few drawbacks to this type of fertilizer.

The fast release of all the products a.k.a. nitrogen, don't tend to feed your lawn for a long time. This will require more frequent applications. Also you cannot apply as much fertilizer actual nitrogen during an application.
One of the biggest drawbacks I feel that liquid nitrogen has, is a lack of any slow-release nitrogen. Slow release nitrogen feed to the turf over 6 to 8 weeks. However when using liquid nitrogen you pretty much have to apply it every 3 to 4 weeks for it to be effective.

If you're operating a lawn service near me, switching your equipment over to handle liquid nitrogen and or liquid fertilizer can be costly.

When I comes to commercial spray equipment. If you plan on using a liquid product, we highly recommend getting a tank with mechanical agitation. This type of agitation usually involves some type of spinner inside the tank with paddles that one mechanical stir your product. When using liquid fertilizer it usually comes in granular form that needs to be mixed with water. A comment and blend of liquid fertilizer is 46-0-0. another common blend of liquid fertilizer is 21-0-0. This product is also commonly known as Salugreen. This product is a heavily used in the commercial lawn care business .

This is a water-soluble product that mixes well with water however will settle in the tank if not continuously agitated. It is extremely easy to burn all lawn if you allow the product to settle while you were spraying. Jetted agitation well someone effective especially for her besides I feel is in adequate when using a water soluble fertilizer.

Spend the money get the right products in the right equipment and you will succeed.

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