Mow The Lawn

Looking for a company that just can come to your house and just. I get asked by a costumer, please, can you send a crew by to just mow the lawn. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked by customers, just that lawn service. Some people just need the grass cut, nothing fancy just mow the lawn.
 Some lawn care companies that will most likely do this. However be careful when you approach them. If you sound too desperate some unscrupulous contractors will raise the prices.  You would be surprised at how many on ethical companies are out there .
Mow the lawn
Lawn Service near me

Please just mow the lawn

Whenever you look for a lawn service near me, you should never sound desperate. Also it’s always best to get a quote before your lawn is completely out of control.
The timing to get quotes is important too. Generally you want to receive  estimates early in the season before the main growing season starts.
If you wait too long all the reputable companies will be busy. You might have to settle for a less then perfect contractor  at a higher price.

Finding a lawn service

Best place to start looking for a lawn service near me, are lawn care ads in local newspapers. There you will find many companies that just want to mow the lawn for you.
As one hiring any other contractor I recommend that you receive at least three quotes or estimates. And you should call and check on references.
It’s also a good idea to make sure they have insurance and ask what type of lawn equipment they use. You want to make sure the contractor is using commercial grade equipment that is well-maintained.
Back when I had my own company we sharpen the blades daily. The short amount of time it took to do it paid off in the field. It also makes for a cleaner cut, which is healthier for your grass.
Also make sure they have liability insurance and Workman’s Comp. if they have any workers.
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