Residential Lawn Care

How I Started My Residential Lawn Care and Landscape Business from Home

Starting a residential lawn care business from home isn't as simple as people say. First you need to be happy to work together with customers. As soon as I started my lawn and landscape business I needed to spend in couple tools and costly equipment to handle customer requirements.

Residential Lawn Care

You need to have good tools and equipment to mow lawns or to Haul yard waste from one spot to another. Also possess some knowledge about the best way best to maintain residential or commercial properties. Additionally fall foliage removal and hauling away fallen tree branches for customers.

Major equipment is necessary for your lawn and landscape business are a good running truck.  A little trailer to haul your riding mowers and gear around.

Having 2 riding mowers before you start your lawn and landscape business will help. If one mower comes down you'll have a backup lawn mower to perform the job.

Customers like to see that you take care of the yard and keep it up fine that's the reason why they pay you.


Residential Lawn Care

The majority of my customers are elderly people which aren't able to go outside. This also contributes to a demand for lawn businesses.
I would rather stay with local customers with a residential small yards.  That are simple to mow and just take less than one hour.

It was profitable for me since I use a little mower which is less expensive to run. Also they are easy to maneuver about and fit into small areas like a yard using a gate.

Assembling a good customer base is required to keep your Lawn business and also to be profitable. When all of your expensive equipment such as your trailer and automobile are paid for you may possess good income and profits.

You can now either grow your lawn and landscape business or try and keep it small and local. Being a tiny local just lawn and landscape business gives me more free time and that I understand the place which makes conducting my business simple.

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